Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thoughts On Upcoming Stress

I finally started working out a few days ago, in preparation of the rest of the year's impending doom. Between getting married, moving and buying a new house, I think there is very little else I could do to so voluntarily send myself over the edge. I remember working out in Austin very fondly...not the beginning part so much, but rather the after-a-few-months part when afterwards, I felt genuinely great. I usually dismiss a good deal of the lessons I had beaten into me in elementary school (why DID we have to take a moment of silence before lunch in third grade? Ah, a thin veil of bullshit, no doubt at one point fully opened up to by my teacher, for prayer). But wow, exercising really did help me not think about stress, feel better and refreshed. Weird.

So I'm slowly getting into the habit.

Meanwhile, on the stress front, I have only my mother's costume left and parts of my husband's. The tricky part in my husband's (uh, fiancee) case, is that as Robin Hood, he has his brown tights, green vest and white puff shirt. Finding dark brown boots to match that actually hug his legs is proving difficult, as is finding a hat that would be the right color. The sooner we resolve this the better, because this is the sort of stupid-shit thing that comes up at the beginning on October (we're getting married Oct 29) and you end up paying $250.00 for boots because what other choice do you have?

And today may be the first day I call a lender. I don't know if I already get pre-approved at this is a little early. We don't have the down payment yet, as it's coming from the sale of a house. We also haven't really saved much of a nestegg, as we both just received raises and I'm trying to pay down my gianormous cock of a debt, possibly the only thing hindering my otherwise excellent credit. But it's a kinda shaky beginning, but they should be able to tell us what we need to do. I think I would find that far more grounding than just randomly deciding for myself. As long as they don't laugh or simply refuse to call us back for shame. So while we don't look like amazing candidates at this point, we have more potential than a pair of double Ds at a frat party. It's just so hard trying to keep an eye on everything and not feel like you're getting snowed at every turn. The purchase of the house may as well apply intricate astronomy for all I understand. I would feel less like I should know more about it. There are at least eight trillion different parts of this process, each subdivided into another three million...and then just when you may have the vaguest grasp, you find out you don't want an adjustable rate mortgage these days anyway and besides, you could only get that type of loan in Maryland. So from what I understand from friends and from reading, you basically just have to be on your guard, listen to your BS detector, but mostly, pray real hard you aren't getting raped in the ass with neither lube nor name.

So I thought I'd start working out.

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