Friday, May 19, 2006

Thoughts on Sleazy Businesses and Lesbians

So begins the woeful search for a lender. But first, we did a credit check on ourselves only to find that the fiancee's old apartment complex sent a collections agency out for a "cleaning fee" which was never discussed nor did they ever attempt to contact him about. Fiancee got into yelling match with new management, future wife filed complaint with the BBB. And so it goes.

It was while futzing around on the BBB site afterwards that I looked up the mortgage company we were starting to use. Wow, four complaints in three years, maybe no biggie but guess what? All unresolved--they don't give a fuck. I looked up my friend's (NAM, from previous posts) lender and not only are they a member, they had three complaints in three years and they were all resolved. I guess it sucks that the first place already pulled a credit check, but at least that's all they did.

To be honest, they were already on my shit list becasue I'd spoken with them twice and left them my cell, which they were supposed to call today. Instead, they call the fiancee (whose cell I gave them as just Other Phone, basically). He always leaves it here and has very little interest in speaking with these people. I could almost forgive the blatant sexist blunder, but do they even turn around and call me second? Nope! No phone call for the little woman! I feel a little petty and childish for getting so upset over what may have been a 4:30 phone call and a lame attempt at work which, when not answered, was someone's decision that they could now leave and go home. But still. Fuck's sake, call the goddamn person who contacted you in the first place.

So it's goodbye CTX Mortgage (I'm always soooo leary of things I hear on the radio, anyway, I should just learn to trust those instincts. The more I hear your desperate ad on the radio, the less I trust you) and possibly hello to Country Wide.

On a complete unrelated note, I find myself re-visiting "Starship Troopers," which is as I remember it, but all in good fun. What I did not recall and rather enjoyed, though, was a boy catfight in the cafeteria set to Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You." Very odd. Good call.

And the finacee and I have been watching "The L Word," which is utterly vapid and predictable and great. Very guilty pleasure. Production value is the only thing bumping it above "soap opera." And the least--by far--believable part is how incredibly hot each and every one of them is. Infact, the girl who started out with a VERY unfortunate skank moment (and became forever dubbed thereafter by us as "Sewer Rat") is now our favorite character and we find her utterly yummy. Now if only she had an actual role, especially ANY other role than the painfully predictable turn she is so obviously about to take down I Have a Drug Addiction Avenue. Siiiiiiiiiigh. Bored now.

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