Saturday, August 28, 2010

You can't let him drive her home! She says 'thank you' the naughty way!

Strangely, I'm actually sort of enjoying my homework. It's certainly challenging in areas, and I'm really not looking forward to trying to *articulate* WHERE human rights come from, how they should be realized and also debating the finer points of whether they are universal or vary across cultures, etc., but it's still interesting.

But I have things to look forward to, despite a busy semester. I have a ticket to see Sara Bareilles in November (front and center, baby) and the new Dennis Lehane is already pre-ordered and set to go! Sweetness. And I am already poking around online for my Christmas ticket home. (They are currently a little pricey and not non-stop, so I'm waiting. Um, on that note, someone told me that airline tickets are about to SERIOUSLY blow up--like HOLY SHIT blow up. Any info on that, anyone? Thaaaaaaaanks.)

I am nearly done with my homework and have still managed to sneak in some TV. I've been watching (in addition to catching up with Tivo regulars) new stuff--Fringe, Psych, The 4400 and Smallville (better late than never). I also added Lie to Me because the whole world has basically recommended it to me and I have just been lazy in adding it. On it!

I am also determined to try to maintain reading a REAL book during the semester. I'm currently reading the third Stieg Larsson--I hadn't really started it since I was waiting to fly home...but yeah, then I did very little reading on the actual flights.

Ok, I wrote that days ago.

Yesterday and today I've been trying to get prepared for both a trial team tryout and a competition I get to compete in since I won the first level last year. I had these two things back to back, which was killin' me, but I got the call today that opposing counsel backed out, so they rescheduled me with someone else over a week later. YAHOO! I was a little annoyed that now I have to wait, but REALLY. I don't care. I am thrilled.

So I've almost got my closing argument for the tryout down, which means I got to catch up a little today with my good friend Tivo. I did not watch a shit-ton of Gossip Girl (does anyone really give a shit what happens to Serena? Really?), because I don't watch that awful show. But I did watch a bunch of episodes of The Closer, which is always a good time.

And it is gorgeous outside. I have been watching it from in here. All my books are at school because the plan was to cram in my reading after tryouts tomorrow since I imagined I'd be home all day trying to make sure the state affirms the seizure of this chick's cell phone. Not til next week tho, woot!

And I failed to mention, I think, that I did actually get to see two movies while I was in South Africa. I got to see Toy Story 3, which was surprisingly kinda meh. I mean, it was great, don't get me wrong, but somehow it just didn't have that magic that they normally do. Although I really enjoyed Buzz's Spanish setting and the little girl's Totoro. The Totoro made the whole movie worth it, actually.

And I saw Inception, which I really need to see again. I did definitely like it, though. The entire audience audibly GROANED when the movie cut to black at the end. ;)

And speaking of SA, wow, I forgot how expensive it is to mail packages! I used to love, love, LOVE getting packages of American candy when I was living in Japan from my mom, as well as my dad's letters and videos! So I thought it would be nice to do the same--my friend DM is slightly obsessed with Hershey's cookies and cream chocolate, so I sent some over with a few other things. Oh my god. 8O The shipping was easily more than the package was worth, ha ha.

(It's funny how everyone has candy obsessions for things no longer sold in one's English friend Aimee and her bf had their minds blown to find Nerds in SA--apparently they don't sell them in England anymore and they LOVE THEM.)

Ok, that's enough randomness for now and plus, Brenda's about to solve the case, gotta go see what happens.


Veloute said...

Toy Story made me bawl, but that might be a maternal thing. Oh, seeing Totoro was neat, no question. Buzz's Spanish setting definitely moved the movie up to an A for me.

I've seen Inception twice now and I think I could see it again.

Ellen Aim said...

Jesus, you have two small children and you've still seen Inception more than I!!

TS3 was neat, I guess I'm just used to them wowing me.