Friday, August 20, 2010

Excuse me, do these effectively hide my thunder?

Ok, I'm all caught up with Project Runway. Whatever, the sun-inspired dress totally should have won last week, wtf.

The rest of the afternoon is filled with enchiladas, beans, red wine and the Federal Rules of Evidence. Hot. Maybe some Agency & Partnership.

There are also one or three theater movies possibly worth checking out...

So far the little things are the most different in transitioning back to life in Beantown. I don't have to open the doors to the train (and no doubt the train cannot MOVE if the doors are open, that always bothered me a little in SA) and I have my sweet, sweet phone back. On the downside, I keep reaching for my phone to text G (or SMS her, as they say back there--"short message system") and then awww, I can't. :( That part sucks bunches.

G's goodbye present to me was to propose a recipe exchange, so I have two recipes of hers (both Korean based, I believe, she lived there for nearly two years) to try out and take pics, then I get to send her a recipe...haven't decided which one yet...trying to keep it affordable and easy, which can be challenging!

Before I can start cooking, however, I have to make a dent in my homework. I took a break from writing and started reading my Agency book. Is it a bad sign to be slightly lost by page 2? Oh well.

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