Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When was the last time you saw me eat a bell pepper?

Wow, nothing like a new Katy Perry album to make Tuesday less shitty!

And I don't listen to the radio, so you're probably all ready to kill someone if you hear Teenage Dream again (or soon will), but I just found it today. It's fun when it's loud. Look, I needed something new and vapid to listen to, ok?

It's ironic, really, because all morning I was IM'ing with DM about good music. I think we were talking about go-to depression music. "Sarah McLachlan" is probably my answer for any music question, but otherwise we were talking Dead Can Dance, Loreena McKennitt, Human Drama (of whom I've never heard), etc.

So I promise I listen to real music, too. ;)

Oooh, and my ticket came for Sara Bareilles!

Um, center of Row B anyone? Going to concerts alone is a fantastic idea. And even with the fees, it was about $30. Gonna be a badly needed nice night out come November.

(Her new album comes out next Tuesday, the same day as my huge oral argument, so I will have a consolation prize to cry along with, yay! Needless to say, I pre-ordered her album back when I was living in SWEDEN...)

Counting down the minutes until Hurricane What-the-Hell-Ever takes Boston from 95 to 77. Is it Friday yet?

Oh and I get to be part of a panel discussion in October. That's a first. (And probably a last.) One more thing to cross off the bucket list...that I didn't really write on there to begin with....but it's cool to say, right? Shit, that could even be a resume item if worked up properly...


Veloute said...

I caved and bought it. Sigh.

Ellen Aim said...

It's fun, that's the important thing. I'm kinda likin' "The One That Got Away."

Veloute said...

I swear I just saw this comment. It's like we're related.