Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome to the Rock, gentlemen.

City Hall. Did I mention City Hall? It's there. It's cool.

Waterfront jazz band!

I could go for some boat action.

This bridge MOVES. It goes back and forth across the water for pedestrians. Very cool and the pics don't really convey it. We had to wait for it to do so, so we could get to the departure area for Robben Island.

Robben Island was previously an island for lepers. This is the graveyard that remains.

Before you arrive at the prison, you can take pics of Table Mountain. It was a little misty that day, but this is the view that everyone uses for pictures of Table Mountain. They call it that because it's so flat on top. When it's cloudy, it looks like a tablecloth laying on top. Very neat.

Goin' inside.

Our guide was a former inmate, Jama. He was there from 1977-1982. This was a commoners cell that housed 30 people. There is a mat on the floor, and this is what people slept on. Mandela had a single cell, which I'll post another time.

This is the ID card (blown up, obviously) that prisoners had to have.

After several years, they got beds like these.

I will go into more detail later, but I'm exhausted and I gotta get home before I can't take the minibuses anymore. Cuttin' a little close tonight, but not worried. I have that bored, don't-fuck-with-me look down pat. It usually works. ;)


Corinthian said...

We have a penguin named Table Mountain, too! Very cool pics!

Ellen Aim said...

I bet that makes filling out forms a bitch for him. ;)