Thursday, July 29, 2010

Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

Random pictures!

This is in the bathroom of my favorite Indian place in Newlands. And by favorite I mean it's the only one I know. But they have toilets like in Japan, so there's that. And this very helpful instruction sheet.

This is taken from the balcony of The Waiting Room on Long Street. Long Street in Cape Town is where all the bars are.

Ok, back to Robben Island...

So this is a better picture of the mats they used to have to sleep on, but as I said before, they did eventually get read beds put in.

I don't know what Santa has to do with anything.

The outside. Oh, and the bad references to The Rock are because officially only one person has ever escaped. One poor bastard escaped and got across the bay and everything, only to get picked up as soon as he got to the other side.

I think A and B sections are the single cells. The other cells are like the big room, which house about 30 people.

This was Nelson Mandela's cell.

The prison on Robben Island was used for maximum security political prisoners, and while it didn't seem too maximum-security-ish, I guess the whole being on an island thing is kind of a big part of that.

The outside, it is not very charming.

On the way back to the ferry, I spotted this guy. All alone. Yes, it's a penguin. I have no idea why he's there. And we saw him blink, so he is real.

No idea where the boardwalk was, but I guess he got separated?

So this is Julia, from France. She leaves this weekend, which makes me sad.

Julia does not like having her picture taken.

After we got off the boat and back to the waterfront, this was going on. It was really neat.

Not a bad view.

Then Julia and Paolo went off to church. She had asked if I wanted to go, so I asked, "Are you going, like, sightseeing, or are you like, going to church?" It was the latter, so I abstained and found a crappy restaurant instead.

I wanted to try one place that had authentic South African food, I had even settled on the leg of impala (!), but they were closed for a private party. Grr.

So I went to this Paulaner Haus type place...

The beer was the only good thing about it.

But before it got dark I took a couple more pics...

It's hard to see, but this is a shop that sells vuvuzelas. My life has been plagued by vuvuzelas since Sweden. They blow them here during the World Cup...the first time I saw a match on TV in Sweden, I asked what was wrong with the sound. And got my answer. It sounds like a swarm of bees when they're all going off during the match. It's like someone won a contest for coming up with the most annoying thing anyone could possibly do during a match. And yet, they have sort of grown on me by now...

Table Mountain!

I have not ridden the ferris wheel. It can't be better than the one Alex and I rode in Tokyo!

This is the clock tower, and it's the big meeting point where our drives come get us.

Nighttime! I was alone but there was security around, and after I ate I called CA, who sent one of her drivers to get me.

Now I just have random pics left...this is apparently the word for "handicapped" here, I see it all the time. I am pretty sure if you are handicapped in ways other than being paraplegic, you can still use the access. ;)

Oh, and this was the big cinema. DM and I saw the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. It wasn't even a little fun. Not even by accident. But Inception comes out this weekend, and I think we're going Saturday night. Very, very pumped.

This is the divey shithole near work that has outlets and wifi. This picture makes it look much brighter than it really is. I don't know if this is before or after, but the beer on the right may or may not be trapping a baby cockroach underneath.

The woman is CA, my regular driver. She's really cute, she calls everyone "my love" or "my pretty." Also, the A is short for my middle sister's full name, so even if she wasn't everyone's favorite driver I probably would have called her first anyway! The guy is one of my old roommates, this was his goodbye party. I only talked to him once or twice, he seemed nice. He was from Holland. (I guess he still is, lol. We were just remarking yesterday how after someone leaves it's like they died, everyone talks about them in the past tense.)

This was my American roommate Stefanie, who is also gone. Doesn't she look thrilled to be having her picture taken?

This is DM. Last night we went out for a beer with G...

...and this is G; she's from South Africa. So the three of us rented a movie and went back to her house. I recommended Zombieland, which was a tremendous hit with everyone. I'm sort of a big deal now. We also went through two bottles of G's homemade wine, it was really nice wine! After the movie, G and I sort of tipsily went back and re-watched all our favorite parts; G said, "I could seriously almost watch this again right now." (But we watched Black Adder instead until CA came to get DM and me.)

So now I have to go take more pictures!

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