Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Warm your hands at my chestular fires, baby.

Ha ha, one of the best parts of last night was during a game. Seven of us or so were at my Swedish's friend Bodil's house, playing the game where you have a card with the name of a famous person that everyone can see but you, and you have to ask questions to figure out who you are. You can only ask yes or no questions and everyone else answers you. (See: Inglorious Basterds.)

At one point, someone's card said "Jesus," and someone asked, "Am I a fictional character?" I sort of paused because, you know, but another Swede, Johan, just flat out said "yes." There was a straight-arrow American boy there too (who is actually quite lovely and a good friend, but he has had a very sheltered life) whose mouth I believe just dropped open. Then the question came (same character), "Am I a writer?" The straight arrow said "yes," to which Johan laughed and said, "Yes, okay. You are a writer in the way that Justin Bieber is a writer." LOVE.

I'm off to get one last Max Burger...I'll take a pic. I want their bearnaise chipotle burger one last time. MMMMM. THAT *IS* A TASTY BURGER!! Yeah, that. PFG, Carter...PFG. (Sorry, I swear I'm not even drinking yet.)

I'll have to post a couple pics of my favorite Swedes later, I will really miss them! The Americans were such a huge disappointment overall, but I loved every Swedish student, they were really cool! And they all have a standing invitation to visit Boston, naturally. Everyone was in their early twenties (nearly...and I think I was only fourth oldest or so), but the Swedes seemed much more mature. They all work even though school is free here, whereas I think most of the Americans are just annoying trust fund babies.

Also, we played another game last night where all the Americans were on one side of the room and the Swedes on the other, and we each asked the other side cultural questions. Guess who's the oldest one in the room? Guess was the only American who knew what "ABBA" stands for? Le sigh. Also, colossal fail to my fellow Americans for not being able to name A SWEDISH ACTRESS. Ingrid Bergman, HELLO?! And naturally I answered Stellan Skarsgard for the actor! ;)

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