Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hey, I always notice the bored look in their eyes.

It's way past my bedtime for an early worktime tomorrow, but I must was a really decent movie.

I wasn't creaming the seats, I mean, first of all, Casey Affleck was amazing, he really was. But man, Patrick just needed to know...a little more weathered. And Angie? Jesus, was she the brunette broad standing behind Patrick the whole time? She had five lines and maybe two good tiny scenes. Nothing against Michelle Monaghan, she did great...but the natives of Boston had more screen time than she.

And Bubba needed another ten years and some clout. Bubba is one scary mother fucker in the books. In this I thought he'd rather be off playing Mario Brothers. Does it make me sound old to say that everyone needed to be ten years older?

I have to admit, Ben gets a total high five for staying true to the original material (for the most part...the last half and ending are pretty true, if memory serves...shit, I hope so, that was a pretty big downer). Though I will never understand starting with the FOURTH novel in the series. All that fantastic character development...gone...

But D did like it quite a bit, not having read any of them, so that's good. And I just know it has led to a fairly animated discussion of what one would do in their place at the end of the film. Mine and D's traditional roles seem to have been swapped...I took Patrick's side (the conservative view) and he's taking Angie's (the liberal view). I would have never guessed. Inasmuch as I do agree with Angie, I don't know that I would actually do what she suggests at the end.

And afterwards, we were the only people left in the theatre as they cleaned up. One server asked us what we thought.

EA: "Well, I liked the book better, but it was great!"

Ignorant fucktard: "I don't read. Books don't have enough moving pictures for me."

What do you say to that??

And then OUR server was picking up and asked the same fucking thing. Distancing myself a little, I offered...

"Well, it was pretty true to the original material, it was good."

"Oh, really? It's a book?"

Is it me, am I a total fucking snob?

As long as I'm a total bitch snob, there were some decent trailers, notably Margot at the Wedding, the new Noah Baumbach starring Nicole Kidman and Jack Black.


Skylers Dad said...

Found something you might be interested in:

Ellen Aim said...

Omg, thank you, that made my morning. I searched all over for a poster of "Ordered to Love," but alas, it was not to be had. There was another one around but nowhere near as awful.

Apparently "Born Black" is from 1969 (wtf!!!) but it's a German movie.