Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Best thing about Z land? No more stupid Facebook status updates. "Rob Curtis is gearing up for Friday." Who cares?

There's no two ways about it, our case got dismissed due to extreme douchebaggery. That's it, pure and simple. The ADA on the case is a fuckin' clown. As a constituent of the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I continue to be utterly appalled at this man. I have seldom witnessed such half-assery in all my life and I can barely keep a straight face when he opens his mouth.

We had a fantastic judge (I never get fantastic judges on my cases, wth?!) and as a bonus, figured out during the lobby conference that he loathes (as do many judges) the ADA. Back out into the courtroom. The case got called and the ADA was in another courtroom. "If he's not here in five minutes, I'm dismissing it." (So hard not to let out an "oooooh!") He gets in, case gets called again. Wanders up to the mike, judge asks what's been decided. ADA says he has no idea. (The conference was with a different ADA.) ADA says "isn't there a tender?" No. Sidebar. Judge says "You have no case. Pretrial probation?" ADA refuses, insists on a harsher sentence and claims not ready for trial (which is a flat-out lie that everyone knows is a lie because we just had a fucking conference.) The judge asks again, but the ADA won't budge. The judge practically growled, "Dismissed for want of prosecution!"

And we barely got to utter a word! That was hours and hours of work but it was a fucking stupid case to begin with that should have never been prosecuted. Such is life.

Completely unrelated, I am digging the new Norah Jones/Danger Mouse collaboration. Curious to check out the new album Little Broken Hearts on May 1, but here is one cut:

I got it off All Songs Considered while running the other day. (Yeah, you read that right. It was either that or work on my international economic law chapter I'm re-drafting. That's what it takes these days.)

And now I get to go prep a mock closing for class tomorrow. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I'm opting for The Rainmaker. All he really does is show a video (which, in real life, would probably be the best way to go, it's visually engaging and pretty gut-wrenching if it were real), so I figure I can re-do without sucking.

Also, still trying to keep a little research plugging along on the Boston bucket list. Things to Do in Boston Before You Die. Although skip Mike's Pastries. You can do better in the North End, although my favorite place, Lyndell's, is no longer there. Modern Pastry is great but it's cash only.

I need to do the Sam Adams and Harpoon breweries. And the globe thing looks cool!

I can totally leave here not having done the St. Paddy's Parade. Really should do the Freedom Trail though, you know? Sox Game is on for mid-April! So there's definitely a couple things left to do! But another research beast due Thursday, so not this week.

The only other thing left to do today (aside from WORK) is to cancel my job interview. Goodbye, Massachusetts!

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