Sunday, March 07, 2010

Do you prefer Margaret or "Satan's Mistress"?


Sandy may be in a honking steaming turd of a movie, but she is trying to make up for it by wearing the FOXIEST DRESS EVAH.

Yeah, this isn't it.

I mean, this shit's live, what can I say, I'm too lazy to break out the goods to capture the images. I'm sure Go Fug Yourself will have something tomorrow. (Along the "Well Played," lines thank you...)

It's a little frustrating that everyone keeps saying she (is going to earn) the Oscar because "she's done her time." Are you fucking kidding me? In what, Hope Floats? She's like the rom-com queen, she's hardly Meryl Streep. And really, I'm not trying to knock her, I do think she has range, but I just don't understand this sudden ubiquitous movement that Sandra Bullock is an Oscar-worthy actress. I'm not saying she's not, I just don't know that I've really seen her do a wide enough range of roles to merit that, kwim? It seems even less deserved than the knee-jerk Julia Roberts Erin Brockovich win.

Oh whatever, she's real cute and she makes me laugh, fuck it.

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