Monday, June 15, 2009

Let me out there, sir, I have no problem exposing myself.

This can be a post of randomness. First of all, I love Linda in my finaid office at school. Everything is always better after talking to Linda.

Secondly, this past Saturday, with the heat index it was 108 here in DFW. Technically, I think it was 98, but it only matters what it feels like. And in Boston? It was 67. I don't care what the heat index was there because did you just read that part about how it was 67??

Also, after I posted my critique for La Zona on the little website I write for, the editor asked me if I'd like to become a featured writer rather than just a contributing writer. I'd never asked about it because I barely finish my crap by my deadlines as it is, and I didn't know if that was annoying. But neat-o! I don't know yet what category I'll get to cover, and I have to write a little more often (but like once a week instead of doing 7 in one week at the last minute, ha ha), but I'm happy to try. I want to have something to do outside of studying, you know?

I think everything is still going nicely with the house? I have drawn my own impressions about my buyer, but you know, I shall say nothing here. For the moment. And balls, do I need to finish up packing. Good thing I've got a ton of Stewart/Colberts to catch up on...

Random picture time! These are the miscellaneous pics from Boston I never posted; they didn't fit in with the others, really.

This was a shop near the hotel; I believe there was also a music school nearby. In any case, I just like shiny instruments. I also love the red curtains for the secret back room.

Sexy cupcakes at Whole Foods (yet another establishment that does not sell alcohol, wtf). These looked SO YUMMY. Don't know if I could actually eat it. (Yeah, right.)

There was a brief moment after a few beers where I really wanted this Barbie Vespa Scooter thing. It looked fun. Then I remembered I'd be driving it in Boston. Nevermind.

We'd already eaten dinner that night but were trying to buy a few drinks to take back to the hotel. Since this was turning into the stupidest of challenges, we drank at the cutest Asian restaurant near the hotel.

I really wanted to try the food, and now I am completely blanking on the type of food or the name. It will come to me...maybe...

But it looked delish and I think we were the only Caucasians in there, a good sign. I'll be back in a couple months if it doesn't come to me before then!


alex said...

I am constantly disappointed that the cupcake craze never seemed to hit DFW.

Wow, love the instrument shop pic!

(What is the title from?)

Ellen Aim said...

I know, it's a crime. There are few things better than CUUUUUPCAKES.

Lol, the um, title...ok, it's from Get Smart. Way to make me air my dirty laundry!

Veloute said...


Wait, what else was in your post?...

Oh, yeah, lol. Well, of course it was 67 in Boston. 108 heat index. Yippee! Here we come! Gulp.

And since when does Whole Foods not sell alcohol? I thought they had a huge wine section and cool beers from..everywhere.

Ellen Aim said...


And nope, not in Boston they don't. I'm gonna have to hunt down stores that DO. That it could end up being more frustrating than DFW is shocking...