Sunday, June 14, 2009

Are you sure you're a woman? You look more like an artichoke.

I know, I should be finishing up with the packing. But I had all these Netfux to catch up on! I polished off the newest season (4) of Weeds...not only are the episodes short but the seasons tend to be, too! It was enjoyable, if a bit choppy. And while I do really enjoy Weeds, I just need to take a minute to bitch about the marketing.

I mean, really? Of course Mary-Louise Parker is wicked hot, she always has been. And sure, the "tangled web" reference works, but why the fuck is she wearing this? I realize any excuse to show skin is going to be jumped upon, but really? It's just so shamelessly unrelated to the content of the show. And ok, so also, maybe this poster was ALL OVER the NYC subways and maybe I got tired of seeing just started to bug me. (Ha ha.)

/rant off.

Anyhoo. Movie-wise, I can really recommend a film called La Zona.

It's a little hard to follow who's who at first, but it becomes rapidly obvious. It's a great film set in present-day Mexico City, and the story revolves around mob mentality and class divide--and it's not heavy or bleak (but great stark cinematography, I'll grant). I really enjoyed it--really nicely done.

Also re-watched La Strada. I have always loved this film, but somehow I often forget how damn depressing it is!

I mean, it's Fellini, so it's hardly a shocker in that department, but I guess because it's not necessarily something you see coming during the film? Sure, it's a bleak character mix from the get-go, with Zampano being a barbaric opposite to Gelsomina's simple Chaplin-esque character and Richard Basehart's The Fool. I mean, you know it's probably not going to end well, but somehow I forget it really packs it in there towards the end. Sneaks up on you.

But uh, on that note, I really do recommend it if you haven't seen it! What an endorsement, right?

Now I'm watching Recount, which I recall got a bunch of Golden Globes at one time.

It's enjoyable enough, though however much I agree with it, it's completely, unapologetically one-sided in its re-telling. The only people who would watch it probably agree with it to begin with, so what's the point really? It does have a slew of great actors, so what, just sit back and enjoy the performances? I will say that Laura Dern makes a fabulous Katherine Harris...

I'll pack later.


Veloute said...

The movers are coming today and here I sit. Packing, indeed.

Ellen Aim said...

Lol, but hey, isn't that THEIR job?

Hope they pack your computer LAAAAAAST!

Veloute said...

Oh believe you me, there is stuff to do. So I sit here with coffee watching Jon Stewart and laughing my ass off.

Ellen Aim said...

I got stuff to do. Like sit around on my ass and not pack!