Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ally, ethics have no place in a law firm!

So I still haven't been so hot at updating this, no idea why. To be fair, not much has really been going on. I have two more weeks after this weekend, and this weekend shall be spent in Sarajevo!

Obviously I didn't take this photo and obviously it won't be snowing. Or at least I hope not. I really wanted to fly into Dubrovnik (Croatian beaches are supposed to be gaw-geous) and take the bus up through Mostar to Sarajevo but alas, the money gods were not having it.

So I'm definitely excited about the next few days. My flight leaves at 7am out of Amsterdam, however, so I'm just going to rough it for one night at a hostel in Amsterdam rather than risk bunging up trains from Den Haag at some ungodly hour. I'm pretty sure popular Amsterdam hostels are going to be a very special shitshow. I sort of envision catching rabies or something, but I'll make it work.

Work has been good, though it has slowed up a bit since we broke for summer recess. Most of my team seems to be on vacation, though there's still plenty to do--motions to file or respond to, witness prep to work up. My office mates are a good bunch of people--there are 7 of us and 3 are part of another team, a girl K and I are on the same team, and the last person is an independent reseracher, but we're all interns.

I just love K. She and her boyfriend are both working here, but the boyfriend works with the judges (and a different case from ours) while we work for the prosecution. They are from Pennsylvania, though quite a lot of people here are from Boston, surprisingly. Lots of Harvard.

But out little suite somehow got into the habit of having Wine & Cheese Wednesday, meaning we stop working a little early and break out various bottles of wines and cheese with crackers, gets a little more involved each week. So that was yesterday late afternoon, complete with dramatic readings of a truly horrible book someone stumbled across...

Apparently an attorney who used to work here published a book. A courtroom thriller, natch. Unfortunately he himself is apparently a really nice guy and I think also a solid attorney. A solid dramatic writer, however, he is not. And as a matter of fact, not only is the writing some of the most abysmal I have seen in years, there is also--FTW--an awkwardly apparent but surely unintentional sexual undertone between two characters that would basically involve incest. I wish I could quote favorite passages for you here, but I think we can all agree what a terrible idea that might be. But in any case, everyone was in near-tears from reading passages aloud.

Sadly, K leaves the week before I do, then the week after, I leave with one of the Harvard guys. I get to come straight back home for criminal defense training, yay.

On the big plus side, I have a Sara Bareilles concert a couple weeks after getting home, and one of my guy friends from law school asked me if I'd be interested in seeing Tori Amos the first week of December. I'm not a HUGE fan, but I certainly enjoy her stuff for the most part, and especially her concerts. I saw her live once back in 1999, I think, with two college girlfriends (whom I accidentally learned that night were both lesbians and I had had ZERO clue but I think I played it off nicely without giving my ignorance away) and really had a great time. So two concerts flanking either end of the semester, good to go.

Everyone is in the middle of the bar exam right now. I cannot imagine that that will be me in a year. The TX bar is two days in, most other states only have two days, so in a few hours, people will wake up and start their last day of the bar. My Texas attorneys here (there seem to be a surprising number, I think I mentioned) all have had encouraging things to say, though I'm pretty sure it does little for me. Not to mention the fact they all took it about 10 years ago. :/ And talk about a cherry on a shit cake--after you take the July bar in Texas, you get your results in November. :O Happy holidays, loser!

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